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Sent to us from Scotty Dettwiler of San Luis Obispo, Cali …

1978 Yamaha XS650, stock motor, Mikuni 34mm carbs, stock gearing.

TC Bros. parts: weld-on hardtail section 3" stretch.

“I’m 22 years old - I got into motorcycles from my Dad who raced motocross and rode Harleys all his life and still does. Grew up riding dirt bikes and bought this roller at 19 to build my first chopper. Took me about a year to finish the first time doing all the work at home or the body shop I worked for at the time.

I left it mostly raw and rode it for a while then almost a year later I tore it down and sent everything off to chrome and powder coat. I wanted to keep the paint scheme dark so I went with Washington Blue which is the original 1936 Model A body color.

I learned a lot building this bike being my first crack at it. I hand-shaved the fork lowers which was a pain but worth the time it took - besides that, it has custom-made handlebars and a sissy on it. I made the seat… foamed it and my good friend Miss Kate wrapped it for me.

I’m really stoked on how the bike came out. I’m now onto building my 3rd full bike and don’t plan on stopping any time soon!!!

I just started posting photos of what I have been doing on my blog:… please check it out - also please be sure to follow my Instagram for more pictures ( @_scottyd ).


~ Scotty

On behalf of TC Bros. Nation… thank you, Scotty! ~ Tyler and Tim

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