TC Bros. Featured Customer Ride - Robert Kwiczak

This bike was built by TC Bros. Choppers Canadian Dealer: Lucid Kustoms Inc.

The Van's® Bike

Lucid customs built this bike for their customer Robert Kwiczak.

Here is Robert's story in his own words:

I was introduced to motorbikes on the back roads of Alberta when I was about 8 years old. My parent’s friend put me on the bike and pointed out the throttle and the brake. I hit the gas and was off! They had to run up beside me and stop me because I forgot where the brake was! I was 8 years old and hooked into the world of motorbikes!

I grew up in High River, a friendly little town just south of Calgary. In the mid 80’s I picked up skateboarding with a few other friends. We built half pipe ramps in back yards and skated the Stephan Avenue mall in Calgary every opportunity we could. This is where my love of Vans came into play. They were the best shoes you could find for skateboarding. They had the reinforced sides for ollies and were flat footed enough to feel the board for tricks.

I always was a bit of a non-conformist and liked to pave my own path, so when I was looking for a motorbike it was important to me to have a custom bike built. I started looking online at custom bike builders and found Lucid Kustoms (TC Bros. Canidan Dealer). When I met some of the management team and builders, I could tell that they understood the genre I was looking for and really wanted to build this bike for me.

I wanted an old school skater style bike that would be understated looking and incorporated Vans, Bones Brigade, and Powell Peralta elements. They suggested starting with a hard tailed Yamaha XS650. I wanted it to be flat black, with clean lines with creative “kick ass” skater elements, and a little bit of “living on the edge” with no front brake! We communicated back and forth many times about the modifications and details as it was being built.

It has been a dream of mine to have a bike like this, and I am excited to soon be able to show it off and ride it around.  I am not sure that I will be letting 8 year olds near this bike and I will try to remember where the brake is, as there is only one! Thanks Lucid Kustoms!

Rob Kwiczak


On behalf of TC Bros. Nation… Thank you, Robert!!! 

~ Tyler and Tim


 TC Bros. Parts Used On Robert's Build:

Forward Controls

Brake Pivot

Drum Brake Anchor

XS650 Hardtail Kit

Weld-On Hidden Spring Kick Stand

Air Ride Seat Kit 


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Send us an email to with some GREAT pics of your masterpiece. [NOTE: >>> the higher quality of the image resolution, the better your bike will look!] Thx.

Please include:

1. Your name, hometown and email address.

2. Make, model, year - technical details and specs.

3. What TC Bros. parts you used.

4. Any and all personal notes about yourself and the build that you feel will add to the enjoyment and experience. Where you grew up, who introduced you to and how you got into motos, your first bike, your inspirations, your favorite ride in your neck of the woods and why… interesting personal thoughts and feelings you experienced during the build, etc., etc. - Essentially a slice of your world. You get the idea… have fun with it!!!


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