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TC Bros. Customer Rides – a photo album dedicated to the fabrication ingenuity and creativity of our customers and featuring their rides they've shared with us.

Sent to us from Mark Fountain out of Omaha, Nebraska.

In his own words:

“Bike is a 1981 XS650. 

I got my 1st bike in 1977 - it was a TM 125 Suzuki I have had a bike from then on. I have had all the brands and I must say I love them all.

As for TC Bros. products, you will be glad to know most from you. The frame and forward controls came with the bike - I know they are TC Bros. Seat is a la Rosa. Bars are Biltwell - if it looks like a TC Bros I am sure it is. Note to readers. Make sure you place the fake oil tank far enough from the chain. Moving it was a pain - we lost one end cap prior to moving the tank. 

My career as a photographer allows me to spend time around my passion of motorcycling. This build was a fun, fast build. My friend started the project a couple years ago and lost interest. I picked it up from him in January and changed out: Wheels, headlight, bars, paint and dialed in some mechanical issues. I did push it home in January. Here is a before and after shot Big thanks to Matt he cut and shaped the rear fender to fit snug and he is responsible for the killer paint. This thing will blind you in the sunlight.”

~ Mark | Fountain Photography:

On behalf of TC Bros. Nation… Thank you, Mark!!!

~ Tyler and Tim

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 Send us an email to with some GREAT pics of your masterpiece. [NOTE: >>> the higher the image resolution, the better your bike will look!] Thx.

Please include:

 1. Your name, hometown and email address.

 2. Make, model, year – technical details and specs of the build.

 3. What TC Bros. parts you used.

 4. Any and all personal notes about yourself and the build that you feel will add to the enjoyment and experience. Where you live, where you grew up, how you got into motos, your inspirations, what’s your favorite ride in your neck of the woods and why?… personal thoughts and feelings you experienced during the build, the challenges, etc., etc. You get the idea. Have fun with it!!!

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