TC Bros. Featured Customer Ride - Larry Zamora

TC Bros. Customer Rides – a series dedicated to the fabrication ingenuity and creativity of our customers and featuring their rides they've shared with us.

Sent to us from Larry Zamora of La Junta, Colorado.

In his own words:

"This is my 75 xs650… it’s really a tx650 but same thing. I've had this build in my head for some time. I started with a really clean stock bike, no basket case struggle which I commend a lot of guys for building those.

I've built a few chops using TC Bros. as my go-to place - used both TC Bros. XS650 hardtail kits and universal kits.

For this bike I started by cutting the bike and getting the TC Bros. XS650 hardtail kit to install but knew that wasn't it so I ordered a XS650 springer front end, forward controls and TC Bros. easy to use wire harness. I installed the springer and thought I could handle the stock wheels but that springer was too nice. I had a dirt bike 21 rim so I test fitted it and said ya I gotta go 21. I ordered an 80 spoke 21" front rim with a 16" 80 spoke rear cuz I'm not into miss matched wheels.

I had all the fab work done and had a guy paint it and it just wasn't what I wanted so I took to painting it myself. After seeing the nice wheels and chrome front end I had a sprocket drilled for the rear which was black - I said it needs more chrome. I had the axle chain tensioners, fender struts, sprocket, motor mounts and fwd controls all chrome-plated and then it really started tying together.

I'm a car guy. I luv classics and whitewalls so of course I ran whitewalls on my bike. It has an LED headlight, tracker handlebars with shotgun shell handle grips. I polished the side covers on the motor and plan to have them chrome-plated rather than just polished but that's plans in the future.

I call this bike “THE CURSE” cuz it really plagued me for a lot longer than I thought it would but it's roadworthy and it’s a monster. I know I left a lot out but if you’re like me you’re gonna stare at the pics rather than reading.

Thanks for looking and thanks to TC Bros. for great customer service and quality parts."

~ Larry


On behalf of TC Bros. Nation… Thank you, Larry!!!

~ Tyler and Tim

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Send us an email to with some GREAT pics of your masterpiece. [NOTE: >>> the higher quality of the image resolution, the better your bike will look!] Thx.

Please include:

1. Your name, hometown and email address.

2. Make, model, year - technical details and specs.

3. What TC Bros. parts you used.

4. Any and all personal notes about yourself and the build that you feel will add to the enjoyment and experience. Where you grew up, who introduced you to and how you got into motos, your first bike, your inspirations, your favorite ride in your neck of the woods and why… interesting personal thoughts and feelings you experienced during the build, etc., etc. - Essentially a slice of your world. You get the idea… have fun with it!!!


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