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Sent to us from David "Englishman" Gregory out of Macomb, Michigan… David is also the Editor of “The Horse Backstreet Choppers Magazine”.

In his own words:

“This project came about when the missus was talking about riding her own bike. She had been traumatized by an Ironhead Sportster and had fostered a hatred for the clutch lever. It seemed like a simple solution to me, find a cheap Honda CB750A and chop it up... no problem!

I hit eBay and there it was. It was located in Indiana and the bid was only $100 with two days left. It did look a little rough in the pics, no title and not running but that did not deter me. I wrote to the owner and he assured me it would run with a new battery and the numbers were good. I entered a max bid of $250 and won the auction for $210.

We jumped in the pickup and drove to get it - it was about a six hour round trip, but not bad at all.

The wiring was a mess, but I figured it out and when I connected the yellow wires (there was no key switch) the engine tried to turn over! I put it on a battery charger and then tried to kick it into life with the emergency left side kickstart... it fired right up!

Back on the lift it went and I started pulling everything off I knew I wasn’t going to use... which seemed to be most of it. I saw TC Bros advertised a weld-on hardtail for the regular CB750, so I got hold of them to ask if it would fit the Automatic. Bad news… it didn’t, but they did have a “Universal” kit. I had them send that out and I took it all over to Ronnie Harris at Chop Docs Choppers. We left the swing arm in place as long as we possibly could to make sure the axle plates lined up and Ronnie made it look easy as he welded it all together.

I used a Fab Kevin strut kit to set the rear fender in-place, I made the mounts for the front of the fender out of some old tubing. I bought the seat and gas tank from Kevin as well as the taillight. I do like the TC Bros kickstand I welded on - it’s stylish and works perfectly. I reused the original header pipes and adapted an old Supertrapp can that I had on my Shovelhead some years back. I replaced the carb setup with the dual Mikunis from Cycle-X. I also used the Cycle-X electronic ignition and regulator/rectifier setup. I mounted the electrics under the battery box I fabbed up from some old steel plate that was part of a table I bought. The stock battery is huge, eight inches wide! I used a Ballistic Lithium battery to save space and weight and so far it’s been flawless. The shifter lever used to be part of my Shovel shift linkage so sometimes it’s good to never throw anything away! 

I went back to Ronnie Harris for the paint job - the wife was specific about the paint she wanted - gold BIG metalflake with some black lacework. As you can see, Ronnie nailed it. I retained the stock brakes front and rear, they are more than up to the job. The last thing I added was a permanent kick pedal that Kevin made for me.

I tried to do as much as I could with this project, I’m a pretty sucky welder, but I stuck a lot of it together and then had Ronnie either check it or go over it before paint. I had him do the important stuff on the hardtail because it’s not going to be me riding this bike usually and I need the peace of mind. Not that I mind riding it, it’s a fun bike. I made a short video about riding it because so many had questions about how the auto is to ride.

In 2013, Nancy rode the bike on the Sugar Bear/Mike Lichter ride in Sturgis. It was a challenging ride for everyone, and she made it fine, which made me proud. Big thanks to TC Bros, Fab Kevin, Cycle X and Chop Docs.

Here’s the video of the bike… enjoy!:

~ David "Englishman" Gregory
Editor - The Horse Backstreet Choppers Magazine
Macomb, Michigan

On behalf of TC Bros. Nation… we’re honored, David… thank you! ~ Tyler and Tim

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


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