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TC Bros. Customer Rides – a series dedicated to the fabrication ingenuity and creativity of our customers and featuring their rides they've shared with us.

Sent to us from Bryce Schultz from Fraser Valley of British Columbia, Canada.

In his own words:

I am Bryce Schultz from the beautiful Fraser Valley of British Columbia, Canada and was 26 years old when I built my first Yamaha XS650.

My love affair with motorcycles is nothing new…it is in my blood. When I was just a child, I would wake up before my parents and run to watch Moto GP while they were sleeping…not cartoons. I had tools, dirt bikes, and ATV’s…not playhouse sets.

I have been riding motorcycles since I was a kid; however, I had never built a motorcycle before. I am a welder by trade, and have had years of mechanical experience… so I decided to start the search for a XS650 to build off of. After over a year of searching, I found the perfect donor bike. I bought it for $500 with approx 7,000 km’s on the original bike.

I started by taking apart the entire bike, right down to the frame. I had a picture in my head of what I wanted the bike to look like….I wanted a classic looking hard tail build. I wanted mid controls and drag bars.

I welded up a TC Bros hard tail kit on it because I didn’t have the time to make my own tail section.  The tail section fit perfect, and was an easy install. After painting the frame and motor in my parent’s garage, I laced up the wheels with new spokes, and put on new tires. I lowered the forks by 2 inches and shaved the forks completely and installed new All Balls bearings. I assembled the front of the bike with TC Bros Drag Bars and a mini speedo with odometer and one bar end mirror. I then custom painted the sportster tank and fender (rear fender is the stock front fender).

I installed a mini Shorai battery in the custom battery box that I made my hand and had a friend run all new wires for me…taking out everything that I did not need. A new headlight was installed, along with new mini LED signals- front and rear.

Custom braided brake lines were added to compliment the brand new master cylinder and fully rebuilt caliper.

A straight through 2-1 exhaust was fabricated, so all the cagers could hear it coming. With the custom exhaust and pod filters meant hours of tweaking the jets, to get the mixture just right.

It has a Hughs PMA Kit to keep the battery charged too. The leather seat is custom made by my dad and turned out incredible.  It took a total of about 8 months off and on to build and I am very happy with the final product.

I have since sold this bike to a very happy new owner.

Bryce Schultz

Additional information and photos can be seen on my website at


On behalf of TC Bros. Nation… Thank you, Bryce!!!

~ Tyler and Tim

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Send us an email to with some GREAT pics of your masterpiece. [NOTE: >>> the higher quality of the image resolution, the better your bike will look!] Thx.


Please include:

1. Your name, hometown and email address.

2. Make, model, year - technical details and specs.

3. What TC Bros. parts you used.

4. Any and all personal notes about yourself and the build that you feel will add to the enjoyment and experience. Where you grew up, who introduced you to and how you got into motos, your first bike, your inspirations, your favorite ride in your neck of the woods and why… interesting personal thoughts and feelings you experienced during the build, etc., etc. - Essentially a slice of your world. You get the idea… have fun with it!!!


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