TC Bros. Sportster Scrambler Build

We installed our LED HeadlightSkid Plate, And BMX Bars to start the build.
We used a set of Moto Iron® Vintage Controls and a TC Bros. 1" Throttle Assembly to tidy up the handlebars. We also installed a Louvered Air CleanerBreather Bolts & Carb Support Bracket to remedy the huge "Ham Can" stock Harley air cleaner.
The Danmoto Highwayman 2-1 Exhaust really surprised us. The fit and finish was way better than expected for a sub-$300 pipe. The stock Harley 16" rear wheel really limited our choices when looking for tires. We quickly learned that 16" dual sport tires are almost non-existent. So we installed a Moto Iron® 18" Rear Scrambler Wheel. That opened up the options when looking for dual sport tires. We decided on the Shinko 805 rear and the Shinko 804 front. We liked the aggressive tread pattern and they are a good all around tire for dirt and street.
The Burly Stiletto 15" Rear Shocks gave us the suspension travel we were looking for at a price that didn't kill our budget. Sure there are more expensive $1,500 shocks out there, but we wanted to keep this bike fun AND affordable. We also installed a Race Tech Gold Valve Kit with stiffer front fork springs. This made a huge improvement over the stock front end components. A stock Sportster seems like it can bottom out just looking at a bump. That is not the case anymore.
We finished off the build with a couple more items. First our Billet Sprocket Cover, this is a must if you ever plan to catch some air with your Sporty. The stock sprocket cover is very weak and usually cracks due to all of your weight being transferred to it from the mid controls. We also ditched the stock belt and installed a TC Bros. X-Ring Chain and a Chain Conversion Sprocket Kit. This bike is ready for anything we throw at it now!
For a full list of parts used on the build Click Here.

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